Brighton Murals

Case Study

Large mural onto brickwork,
Hove, 2016.

The brief: One of a series for Brighton and Hove Council.

The brief overall was for local landmarks in a traditional style. Therefore, we could hardly leave out the Royal Pavilion.

Architectural detail made this a challenging subject, and decisions were to be made in terms of simplifying the image and using strong shadows to good effect. Working on a pretty rough surface created other difficulties, specifically with the level of precision possible in some areas. A wooden door on the left provided a smooth area, but the lack of texture here compared to the rest was in danger of creating a distraction.


My pencil sketch plan, coloured via Photoshop

Drawing up the Royal Pavilion

At work on the basic drawing

The finished Pavilion mural

The finished piece, after approximately 80 hours of painting.