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Brighton Murals has moved!


Yes, Brighton has been a blast, but the beautiful Welsh coast has proved impossible to resist. Whilst I’ll always go wherever the art is, I will now be working primarily in Wales. It’s been tough to say goodbye to Sussex, but I look forward to making new friends and art across Ceredigion, Pembrokeshire and South Wales.


I guess that means it’s Beyond Brighton Murals from now on…

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big art for homes
& businesses.

original designs

old master copies

small areas and full extent walls

interiors and exteriors

specialist paint finishes and effects

specialist paint
finishes & effects

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Jo Swannell

Jo Swannell

So who am I and why should you let me paint on your walls?


I’ve been drawing, designing, making things, writing or painting in one capacity or another for many years. Starting out in sciences, my first career was putting dinosaurs together and making replicas at London’s Natural History Museum. Then came the Welsh Years, and a switch to design and print. Accidentally relocating to Brighton ten years ago, what else could I do but become a mural painter? 

I have painted in 60-room mansions, on the top deck of a huge cruise ship, and next to the bins in an underpass…so whatever your project is, just ask! Business or domestic; walls, ceilings, furniture; indoors or out, we can discuss what will work for your space (although honestly I would prefer it if any bins can be moved).




I love to talk about creative stuff, so whatever the budget, scale or scope of your project, you can contact me for quotes, discussion or to arrange a meeting.

Thanks for getting in touch!